Classic porch swing beds are one step up in a total comfort  on your porch. Instead of relaxing in your favorite porch swing or rocking chair, porch swing bed allows you to have a nap in total comfort. You can even spend a night under the stars. These luxurious super popular pieces of furniture come in sizes of normal beds – from crib and twin to full and queen. There are designs for every taste – Victorian, traditional Marlboro, Mission, rustic and everything in between. You can choose durable Westrn Red Cedar, indestructible and environmentally friendly recycled plastic, affordable white pine or weather-resistant cypress. The type of wood is important not only for its beauty but also for its durability. You need more durable wood if you plan to leave your beautiful classic porch swing bed exposed to the weather. The same applies to the paint or stain. You can choose a swing bed that is unpainted and do it yourself, stained in one of many popular stain colors or painted in one of many colors, to go perfectly with the color of your house. Of course, swing beds need a plush cushion and plenty of pillows to be totally luxurious and comfortable. They are sold separately and come in hundreds of colors and patterns.