Treated wood gliders combine comfort, durability, weather resistance and a really good price. Affordable pine, which is not very durable, becomes much stronger once it is pressure-treated and is extremely popular for outdoor furniture. Treated wood gliders are not only affordable, but offer you great opportunity to have some fun. You can stain or paint your glider and make it look like a much more expensive piece of outdoor furniture. Paint will also add another layer of protection from the elements. Have fun, indulge in some crazy color that is not available in shops. If your wife objects to the result of your imagination, you can always repaint it. When buying your treated wood glider, make sure that all metal moving parts are made of high quality stainless steel, which will resist the weather and wear and tear. You can choose among many different styles, from traditional to sleek and modern and pick one seater or a double 4 ft. glider, to snuggle in with the love of your life.

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