Everyone loves a swing on the porch, but not everyone has a porch big or strong enough to hang a swing. If you have a large garden, you must have a favorite spot where you were always dreaming of placing a comfy swing and creating a romantic corner surrounded by fragrant blooms. With outdoor arbors and pergolas, you have the freedom to put your swing wherever you want. Some of them are free-standing, so all you need is to find a flat, solid surface, and you can move them when you feel for a change. Other arbors and pergolas have posts that have to be cemented into the ground to be stable. You can choose simple, straight-lined models that go well with modern house design, or more elaborate Victorian beauties with intricate details. Some have a roof to enjoy in the rain or strong sun. Chose an arbor or pergola of durable material such as red cedar, pressure-treated pine or vinyl – they will be exposed to everything nature decides to throw at them. Choose a color, size and model, find the best spot and then plant a few of your favorite climbing wines at the base of the posts, so that one day your arbor or pergola gets covered with a dense net of greenery and blooms.

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Easily shop for pergolas that are designed to hang your favorite 4, 5 or 6 foot swing.