Ordering Made Easy

Our website was built from the ground up to provide a simple, streamlined shopping experience. But our interaction with our customers does not stop with our website alone. Yes, you definitely can place your order securely online 24 hours a day or if you feel more comfortable placing it by phone our Certified Product Specialists can happily assist. You enjoy the same low price if you place your order online or on our toll free number. And remember our product specialists are not paid on commission, to ensure the customer's priorities are always put first. So give them a call with any question. They liked to be challenged and will ensure you get the answer to any question.

Payment Methods

We happily accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and personal checks/money orders for your payment convenience.

Checks – We are happy to accept personal checks. Checks need to be made out to "WestChaseShops, Inc." (which is the parent company of ThePorchSwingCompany.com). Please include your order number on your check and include a copy of your order confirmation to ensure your payment is properly applied. 

Please be aware that orders paid for via check will not be processed until we receive the check, and the check has cleared the bank. For time sensitive projects, we recommend paying via one of the other methods listed above.

Cancelling An Order

Once the order is placed with ThePorchSwingCompany.com we will submit an order directly to the manufacturer on your behalf. This occurs immediately after an order is placed (7 days a week). Once this step has been completed, ThePorchSwingCompany.com and thus the customer become financially obligated to purchase the ordered merchandise from the manufacturer.

For this reason we charge the following cancellation fees on eligible items.

All order cancellations within 24 hours of the order being placed are subject to a 5% cancellation fee.

All order cancellations after 24 hours of the order being placed are subject to a 25% cancellation fee.

Cancellation of Made to Order products (clearly noted on product page) and all Cushion Perfect items are not permitted after 3 days of order placement due to the fabrication process being initiated.

There are no exceptions to this policy. 
We only accept cancellation requests online by completing the form below.

Cancellation Request

Why do we charge a cancellation fee?
We charge cancellation fees to allow us to keep our prices as low as possible. Companies that don't charge cancellation fees cover cancellation costs by raising prices.

At the time an order is placed the customer receives a notification via e-mail describing all order details. It is the customer's responsibility to verify that the information in this e-mail receipt is correct. If the customer does not notify us of any changes within the 24-hour window, ThePorchSwingCompany will proceed with ordering the merchandise from the manufacturer. However, you may return the product subject to our Standard Return Policy.

Order Prepayment
All of our products are made to order as noted on the product page and our manufacturers require prepayment prior to starting production. That is why we charge at the time of order. This is noted on our Ordering policy page at the link below.

Order Changes
Many of our items are made to order and cannot be changed once the fabrication process has been initiated. We will make our best efforts to work with the manufacturer to submit your change request. If we are unable to make your change we will notify you by email. If we are unable to make a change our Standard Return Policy and Cancellation Policy apply.

Please note all order changes are confirmed via email only. We do not accept any order changes by phone. We will provide confirmation by email if a change can be accepted. If you don't receive confirmation by email the change has not been made to your order.

Sales Receipts

To provide our customers with tremendous savings and quicker shipping times, we ship most of our products directly from the manufacturer to your front door. Who doesn't like to save time and money? The one drawback to this logistics method is that most products will typically arrive without a packing invoice or receipt. Thus, as soon as your order is submitted you will receive an order confirmation via email that will be your sales receipt record. Don't have an email address, but still want a receipt? Simply give us a call and we will happily put one in the mail for you.

Product Lengths
Please note all products are categorized on our website for easy browsing and searching. This includes product lengths as we group products to their nearest foot (3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 foot). The referenced length is the outside dimensions of the product and not the actual seating dimensions. There is no industry standard and all manufacturers produce their products to their own specifications. Please refer to the actual product dimensions on the product page if you require exact measurements or have a space limitation to ensure your new product will fit.

Chain & Rope Lengths
All of of our swings are designed to hang from a standard front porch ceiling. The standard in the US is 8 feet. If you require additional chain or rope, please contact us prior to ordering. We will confirm availability and pricing for your additional length needed.

Rope Settling & Adjustment
Please note that 1”-1.5" rope may settle and stretch more over time than 3/4" rope, meaning that you may need to adjust your swing bed periodically. To adjust your swing, simply lift up on both sides of the swing and place a 5-gallon bucket underneath the right side of the swing, and another 5-gallon bucket underneath the left side of the swing. You may also use a different sturdy prop underneath the base of the bed to release all weight from the ropes if 5-gallon buckets are not readily available. Once the swing's weight is fully supported by the buckets, and not the rope, un-tie each knot. After the knots are un-tied, pull the rope tight and re-tie each knot at a higher location than before. Once all 4 knots are re-tied, you can lift up on the swing and remove the buckets, letting the swing hang freely again. To tighten the knots further, press down on each side of the swing bed to level out both sides.

Mold and Mildew
Regarding both mold and mildew are naturally occurring. There are 4 critical requirements for mold growth – available mold spores in the local environment, available mold food, appropriate temperatures and moisture. The removal of any one of these items will prohibit mold growth. The good news is that it is rather easy to treat and protect against. So you will simply need to use a mold cleaner and inhibitor. Please contact us directly for cleaning and care instructions. Since mold and mildew are naturally occurring no applicable warranty covers such event.

Wood Care & Cleaning
The best way to preserve and extend the life of your outdoor wood furniture is to keep the wood hydrated with products like wood stain or paint. The less exposure your wood furniture has to direct sun, wind, rain, and snow, the longer it will last. If you plan to use your furniture outdoors totally uncovered we recommend adding a polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer coating. It can easily be applied on top of our stain finishes. We always recommend finishes that are outdoor rated and include active UV inhibitors to prevent premature fading. Woods that are stained or painted should be sanded and re-stained or repainted as needed to protect the elements from penetrating the surface. Wood left in direct contact with wet surfaces will quickly become saturated and prematurely deteriorate the finish. When wood does get wet, dry it off as quickly as possible. Frequently exposed to harsh conditions or damp surfaces, wood furniture will begin to show signs of wear and deterioration. Signs of damage may include checking (cracking or splitting), swelling, rotting, and discoloration.

Finally, dirt build-up leads to deterioration, so keeping your outdoor wood furniture clean will give it a longer life. Clean it well two or three times per year with water, mild soap, and a soft cloth. (This is also the perfect time for a periodic hardware check.) We recommend using a product specifically designed for cleaning wood furniture. Hose it down before you start to remove cobwebs and caked-on dirt. Do not use abrasive cleaners, bleach, or scouring products that will affect the finish. Dry the furniture thoroughly when done.

Product Photos & Color Swatches

Please note that images of products/color swatches displayed on the ThePorchSwingCompany website may differ in color due to differences in the resolution of computer monitors and we cannot guarantee that the finish will be exactly as pictured. ThePorchSwingCompany always works with our partnering outdoor furniture manufacturers to obtain the highest quality photographs of the products and thus depict the merchandise as closely as possible.

Hanging Hardware

All of our hanging hardware (comfort springs, hangers, hang kit) ships separately from your ordered porch swing. They ship via USPS Priority Mail and we attempt to coordinate it's delivery with your porch swing. Sometimes they will arrive a little earlier or later than when your swing is received.

Order Status and Tracking Details

So you have finally picked out the product of your dreams and you want to know when is it going to come? As soon as your order ships you will be emailed a shipment notification along with the carrier's tracking details. All orders are tracked using a tracking number on the website of the associated carrier. You can check the status of your order at anytime at the link below:

Check Order Status