The rugged, durable, comfortable, practical, one-of-a-kind Adirondack. These famous chairs have been an outdoor furniture favorite for over 100 years and for good reason too! Inspired by the breathtaking Adirondack mountain range, these chairs have a classic, woodsy look and feel with artistically cut, sanded and angled planks of solid hardwood. Because of the Adirondack chair’s overwhelming popularity, the best furniture craftsmen across the nation have been designing and perfecting various styles, sizes and colors of the Adirondack chair. Whether you are interested in the classic look or a colorful modernized version of the original Adirondack, we certainly have a chair that’s perfect for you! Our collection includes over 40 color and stain options, reclining and stationary versions, some with foot rests, many that fold flat, double and single options, and even children Adirondack chairs! And we sell outdoor attachable cushions, head rest pillows and throw pillows in over 30 fabric options to make these chairs even more comfortable and stylish. Check out our extensive collection of the American outdoor favorite chair of the century!