If you have hard time getting your kids out of the house and away from their gadgets, your best option is hanging them a tree swing from the largest tree in your yard. Tree swings have a number of features that are very attractive to the kids: they allow them to feel like they are flying, the swinging motion looks to them daring and dangerous, and it allows competition with other kids: who will fly higher. While kids do not care what kind of tree swing you hang for them, you need to make sure that the branch of the tree is strong, healthy and thick. The tree swing can hang from chains or rope, which have to be very strong and fastened to the branch in a very secure way. The tree swing itself should be made of a weather-resistant wood such as cedar, teak, beech or similar. High quality wood does not splinter, chip or rot in rain or sun. Of course, the tree swing can also be made of plastic or synthetic lumber called polywood, also very durable and weather-resistant. If you are tempted to take a swing when the kids are not watching, make sure that both the tree swing and the tree branch can take your weight.