If you have a nice farmhouse in the country, you definitively need a comfortable spot to rest and unwind after a day of work, especially if you actually have a working farm. Since there is no good farmhouse without a spacious porch, all you need to make it a perfect relaxation spot is a beautiful, comfortable farmhouse swing bed. The farmhouse swing beds design is more streamlined, with wider slats, rustic and modern, to fit the countryside environment and style. They come in cedar, teak,  pressure treated pine and recycled pine and can be stained, oil-rubbed or painted, depending on the wood. You can choose a chain or rope hanging kit. The size of your swing bed depends on the size of your porch and on your plans. If you plan on  sleeping under the stars at night, you better go for a full or queen size. Even for  a nice afternoon nap, bigger swing bed will accommodate kids that will definitively try to jump in for a snuggle. Even a family dog might jump in., they are so temptingly comfortable. Farmhouse swing beds also come in twin and crib size. Some models have a foldable side table, a nice addition for  placing your cup or plate. There are plenty of mattresses and pillows to choose from for  a full experience. You can choose a model that hangs from two or four points.




HammMade Modern Hanging Swing Bed

$2,344.99 $1,674.99
















SBO Chippendale Hanging Daybed

$2,499.99 $1,659.99


SBO Manhattan Hanging Daybed

$3,999.99 $2,709.99