Console porch swings solve one important issue when you are enjoying your favorite porch swing – they come with a convenient console to hold our cup or glass. Smartly designed consoles have two holders so you and your best friend can have afternoon cocktails while gently swinging on your porch. They conveniently flip up and disappear in the back of the swing when you do not need them. There is a range of porch swings that are available with a console – from beautifully crafted cypress Amish models to those made of trendy and environmentally friendly recycled plastic that comes in dozens of vibrant colors. There are two sizes – five and six feet. The right size for you really depends on the size of your porch and your individual preference. Console porch swings are available painted, stained or left natural so you can decide later what color you want once you see your swing in its spot. Some come fully assembled and other require a bit of work on your part. You can also choose chains or rope to hang your console porch swing. While chains give impression of strength, ropes look and feel more natural. You can also add a cushion or two to make your console porch swing super comfortable.