One of the most affordable yet useful items you can add to your home is a bench. Outdoor benches have so many helpful purposes that once you have one you won’t know what you did without it, and you will probably want to get a couple more! Benches provide a convenient place to sit and talk, a cozy spot in the garden to read, a storage spot for toys, a front yard décor item, a creative seat-planter combo, the place where the kids eat their messy snack and much, much more. Because of their hundreds of valued uses and undeniable popularity, we offer outdoor benches in 5 sizes, 16 styles, over 10 colors, 9 materials, and over 20 renowned brands! With outdoor benches being such a large category within our patio furniture collection, you will want to use the selections on the left to help you narrow down your search for the perfect bench. We want you to have the simplest shopping experience ever. Just click around, pick your favorite bench and any other outdoor furniture items you need and let us do the heavy lifting! We will even ship it to you for free!