Resin might be the queen of wicker porch swings, but teak porch swings are the royalty among all swings. Teak is beautiful wood made from large trees growing in tropical countries. It takes a very long time for the tree to mature, so the teak lumber is very expensive. Teak is perfect for porch swings because it is light but durable and strong. Its beautiful grain looks best unpainted, but can be stained if you prefer darker look. If left untreated the wood will turn to a rich grey patina color giving your swing the ultimate distinction. Teak contains a natural oil which makes it insect resistant and weather resistant, so it does not require much maintenance. Applying a topical teak oil once a year is usually sufficient. Teak porch swings are normally designed with very simple lines, to showcase the beauty of the wood. They look truly luxurious on any porch or in the garden. You can leave them in the garden even during the winter, so that the kids can have some fun when the garden is covered with snow. When the snow thaws, your swing will look as beautiful as ever.

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Sold out Sale




Teak garden swings from Grade A teak. We currently only carry one swing from All Things Cedar. We are looking to add more soon.