You do not have to be a hard-core environmentalist to choose a recycled plastic swing beds for your porch. Recycled plastic is an extremely versatile material that makes swing beds completely resistant to weather damage, termites or mildew. They can be left outdoors in the rain and snow, they will not fade in the harsh summer sun or in the coastal salty air. The furniture designers have embraced this new material and you can find a recycled plastic swing beds in any style, any color and size. The material is made to closely resemble wood, with wood grains and knots, so you will have hard time telling apart a swing bed made of wood from those made of recycled plastic. They require no maintenance except occasional hosing down. You can choose among different sizes, from crib and full to twin and queen.  You can hang your recycled plastic swing beds from two or four points, with chains or rope. There are different mattresses and pillows to choose from to make your new swing bed a perfect spot for a nap or even sleeping under the stars. You will be able to enjoy your new, comfortable recycled plastic swing bed and feel good about taking care of the environment at the same time.