If you have an old house with a big front porch, you probably already have a nice old, worn out 5 foot swing. They are such a normal sight on porches of people who like the touch of tradition, or are just nostalgic for the good old America that is quickly disappearing. But, if you have a new house, you will need to get yourself a new large 3 person porch swing. You definitely don't won't to leave anyone out from the swinging excitement. Did you notice that most new houses do not have front porches, but that the social life happens mostly in the back yard now? Whether you have a porch in the back, a deck or a garden, you will need a nice, wide 5 foot porch. The choices are huge, so narrow it down by deciding how much you want to spend on it. Beautiful hardwood porches are expensive, but will last you a lifetime. If you are environmentally conscious, look for a hanging swing made of polywood, a new kind of lumber made of recycled plastic. Whatever your choice is, there is a perfect swing waiting for you.

Looking for a 3 person swing? Than any of these 5' swings would work perfect. Prepare to be overwhelmed with selection and did we mention all the material options?