Rustic outdoor swings are perfect choice for people who like their gardens on the wild side. Lush garden full of untamed plants, or a small grassy corner planted with wild flowers are just the spot for a rustic swing made of aspen or solid red cedar logs. An A-frame also made of logs would look like it grew out of the soil, just where you need it. Some rustic swings are entirely made of logs, while others have seats that are more polished, to allow for comfortable seating. While the logs look totally natural, they are coated with preservative to ensure that they will last when exposed to the nature’s whims like rains, sun and strong wind. We recommend a simple application of Thompson's water sealant every 24 months to keep your swing protected. To really enjoy your country themed swing, place it under the shade of a large tree for an added canopy. Now no need for a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes. The tree will keep you safe from the strong sun and the dappled shade will lull you into a lovely nap in your swing on a warm summer afternoon.

These cedar swings are rustic in nature and utilize wooden logs in their construction.