Rustic gliders make you feel closer to nature. Made of unfinished logs or roughly cut hardwoods like cedar, they perfectly combine incredible comfort of gliding and rustic esthetics of simple, clean lines. Rustic gliders fit best on the porch of a forest cabin, or on the deck overlooking a mountain lake. Surrounded by trees, rocks and running water, rustic gliders look like part of their natural surroundings. They also look great by the warm fire, while snow is falling outside and winds are howling. So, when you enjoy your rustic glider on the porch of your suburban home, or even on the terrace of your condo, you can imagine being far away, at least for a moment. Rustic gliders need regular oiling to retain their natural beauty. Cedar oil works best, but any mineral oil will preserve the natural beauty of your rustic glider and protect it from cracking and warping. Rustic gliders can be left outdoors in any weather, if they are well maintained, so you do not have to worry about their storage.