If you want a classic rocking chair that will look equally beautiful in your living room and on your porch, look for an oak rocking chair. Oak has been a favorite with furniture makers for centuries, because of its strength, durability and natural elegance. You will find oak rocking chairs in the museums, and you will find them in antique stores. They are indestructible, and actually look better as they age. Modern furniture makers often copy traditional, classical oak rocking chairs, but you can also find oak rockers that look much more modern, with straight lines and often made of pale, white oak that looks great in any design setting and style. Oak is becoming rare because the trees grow very slowly, so expect to pay more for that. But, you can also expect your oak rocking chair to do very well outdoors in any weather and resist bugs, bacteria and fungus. Protect your beautiful oak rocking chair with a good wood sealant and it will make you happy for a long time.

No wood is more nostalgic than oak. Its noted for its strength and longevity. What other wood would be better for your next classic outdoor rocking chair.