Outdoor glider cushions make your glider the ultimate luxurious outdoor chair. Many people prefer gliders to swings because they are firmly grounded. You still have the soothing swinging motion, but closer to the earth. Whether your patio glider is a single or double, a nice padded cushion will allow you a soft support for hours of rest. Outdoor glider cushions can be as thick as you like, and the thicker the cushion is the softer and more comfortable it will be. And no matter the size of your glider, we have a cushion to match from single patio glider cushions to large 6 foot glider bench pads. Some cushions are designed to be used on both sides, so that you can just turn them over when one side gets dirty. But, if your cushion keeps sliding with the motion of the glider, look for cushions with sticky, no slip material on one side. Or as an alternative some cushions have little fabric ties you can use to attach your cushion to the glider. Add a few smaller cushions to support your back and neck. They would make your gliding experience a true pleasure.



These outdoor bench glider cushions will make your gliding more comfortable. We have several size options available.