If you want to treat yourself with a truly timeless and magnificent piece of outdoor furniture, get a cedar rocking chair. Cedar rocking chair is for ever, and if you can get a rocking chair made by the Amish, you will also have a handmade piece of art. Cedar is not only beautiful, it even smells wonderful. That smell that we enjoy so much is what will keep bugs and insects away from your rocker. Cedar contains natural oils which protect it from humidity, decay, bacteria and fungus, greatly extending its life. Your cedar rocking chair is too beautiful to paint, so manufacturers commonly leave it natural. In time, its natural golden sheen will slowly turn into a silvery gray hue which gives cedar such a dignity. If you like it like that, you can leave it as is, but if you prefer its original golden color, you need to protect your rocker with a good quality wood sealant. A coat of sealant once a year and some light washing with a sponge and soapy water will make your magnificent cedar rocker last forever.



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Cedar is not only one of the most beautiful woods, it adds the benefit of being naturally resistant to the outdoor elements.