Porch swing accessories make your favorite porch swing even more comfortable and add to it what you need depending on how you are using your swing and on your lifestyle. If you like to have afternoon cocktails or the morning cup of coffee while gently swinging and enjoying the view of the garden, you need a cup holder. They can be attached on the left or right armrest. If you have to leave your porch swing outside, exposed to the rain, sun or snow, you need weatherproof swing covers. While chains or ropes for hanging your porch swing usually come together, you might want to have a spare, or just a different kind – if you’re your porch swing comes with chains, you might want to have a set of ropes for different look. Porch swings are designed to be comfortable without any padding, but a nice plush cushion for the seat and a few small ones to support your back would make the experience even better. You can also opt for a foot rest, perfect for those tired feet that can use a bit of a lift. You will also need appropriate tools to hang your porch swing that come in a kit and include everything you need to make your porch swing safe.