Reasons to Love Fall

Posted on by Natashia Clifford

Did you know that the fall season can be better for you and your mental health? For some, the season doesn’t make much of a difference but for others a lot is changing. The sun is rising later and setting sooner while the temperatures and humidity are on a decline.  Here are a few reasons to embrace fall this year!

Although the summer is known for outdoor adventure, it’s not always the best weather to be in for long periods of time. Fall is the complete opposite as the weather shifts there are more activities you can do outdoors. Working out and family gathering become the norm during this season. Unlike the hot summer where the heat can be overwhelming, working out in the fall is a lot more comfortable.  The weather in fall is perfect for conquering tasks you‘ve been putting off all summer!

Fall is perfect for gathering with friends and family! Unlike the summer where you either stay inside all afternoon to stay out of the sun or fight for shade at an event, fall weather means you can enjoy the whole day. This makes for more fun gatherings in your outdoor oasis that you couldn’t enjoy through the summer. Grab a warm cup of tea and enjoy the outdoors on your porch swing, rocking chair or glider!

Cooler temps mean you’re able to get your routine back together. Sleep longer, start your day sooner and exercise comfortably. School is back in session for the kids which means more free time, less mental stress, and more time for relaxation. What better way to relax than to enjoy a calming fall breeze on the front porch?

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