Wrought iron porch swings look like a blast from the past. They remind us of old stone terraces full of wrought iron furniture with swing cushions, surrounded with large pots full of blooming begonias. Wrought iron is wonderfully versatile and allows for very elegant and ornate designs. You can choose more modern style as well. The colors also vary, but the most popular are wrought iron porch swings in black or pewter. The color is rust-proof and protects the iron from the weather and is specially processed to prevent chipping or pealing. Wrought iron porch swings are designed with curved edges for more comfortable seating, but a pile of soft colorful cushions will add not only comfort but a touch of color to your porch. Since wrought iron is pretty heavy, make sure that you use the recommended hanging accessories. Your new metal swing can also easily be hung from a large tree with sufficient branches to support the weight or from a sleek swing stand allowing you to enjoy your new swing in the middle of your patio.

4' wrought iron porch swings manufactured by International Caravan. Starting at $189.99.