Recycled Plastic Porch Rocking Chairs

What’s so Great about Recycled Plastic Rocking Chairs? ?That’s a great question, and you aren’t the only one who is curious. That is why we dedicated this article to one of our fastest growing categories of outdoor furniture, our rocking chairs made out of recycled plastic. In this week’s Buying Guide we are going to answer some common questions about recycled plastic. This guide will help you understand why recycled plastic is the top choice for many outdoor furniture manufacturers and consumers today.

What you should know about Recycled Plastic and the Rocking Chairs sells that are made out of it.

  1. Is it Cheap?? When someone isn’t familiar with recycled plastic furniture, often the first thing that comes to their mind is “CHEAP.” That is a common misconception. Yes, in general plastic is known to be a cheap material, easily broken, made as inexpensively as possible…but that is just about as far from the facts as can be in regards to the material used to make our recycled plastic outdoor furniture. Recycled Plastic is a common term that everyone can understand, but the scientific name for the material used to make our outdoor furniture is recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is actually much stronger than most other materials used to build furniture.

  2. What is it Made out of? All of the recycled plastic outdoor furniture sold by is made with recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is labeled as a #2 plastic. This plastic is found in milk jugs, plastic bags and plastic bottles. Every year hundreds of thousands of these HDPE items are dumped into America’s waste streams or just not properly recycled, which harms the sea life, pollutes the lands and over-fills our landfills. Furniture manufacturers realized they could help the environment, save many sea and wild life, and cut down on the overall waste materials all while creating even more durable and affordable furniture than ever before. The HDPE bottles, bags and containers are collected and melted down into what is commonly referred to as poly lumber. Poly lumber is so durable, affordable and eco-friendly that in addition to being used to make furniture, recycled HDPE is used to manufacture lawn and garden products, playground equipment, kitchen supplies, cabinets, shelving, office products and even automobile parts.

  3. What are the Benefits?HDPE, or Poly Lumber, is one of the most commonly used plastics in the U.S. due to its longevity, durability and lack of maintenance. This extremely durable material doesn’t get damaged by water and resists insects and rot. Also, HDPE does not emit any harmful chemicals while it is being made nor does it leak toxic chemicals into soil or water. Our furniture made with this incredible recycled plastic doesn’t need to be painted or stained-EVER, is UV fade resistant, doesn’t need to be stored indoors during extreme high or low temperatures, won’t crack or splinter, has coated stainless steel hardware, is essentially maintenance free and simple to clean, extremely comfortable with polymers that mold to your body, ideal for all climates including desert and saltwater areas…and the best part?? It will last you a LIFETIME!! We are so confident in the quality of our recycled outdoor furniture, that each one of our pieces comes with a lifetime guarantee. Shop through our collection of recycled plastic porch rocking chairs available in over 6 brands and so many different styles and colors you might just need to get a few!

Recycled Plastic Rocking Chairs