How to Refresh Your Outdoor Space

My name is Sarah and I am one of the design consultants for The Porch Swing Company. It’s no secret that a beautiful outdoor lounging area brings peace and comfort to your life. My goal is to help our customers achieve this perfect safe haven, right in their own backyard (or front porch!). Check out some of my favorite tips, tricks, and even products that will help you refresh your space in time for the spring season:


One of the most important parts of a great outdoor space is a conversation area for you and your guests to enjoy together. Whether you prefer a rustic look to your decor or lean toward a more modern aesthetic, we offer a variety of Porch Swings or Swing Beds to really pull your space together. Setting up your design plan with a focal piece will help give you a starting point to further your overall design scheme, including things like a color palette or theme. Below I have included some of our best-selling products. I think these items really make an impact on your space, and most of our customers agree!

Porchgate Amish Heavy Duty 700 Lb Farmhouse Porch Swing
This piece really brings the farmhouse feel to any room and can be easily jazzed up with accessories like cushions or other rustic accent pieces. Just enough space for 2-3 people at a time. Is there a more fun way of spending a summer evening with your friends than swinging away into the night?

Love the look, but need something bigger? Check out the Swing Bed version of this product, here: Breezy Acres Malvern Porch Swing Bed

Porchgate Amish Heavy Duty 700 Lb Rollback Console Treated Porch Swing
With a classic design and a unique flip-down center console for added convenience, this Porch Swing is the perfect way to wind down after a long summer day with your partner or good friend. Seating up to two adults comfortably, no cushions needed! If you have a particular color scheme for your outdoor space, maybe consider ordering the item Unfinished so you can paint or stain the swing a matching or contrasting color!

Centerville Amish Heavy Duty 700 Lb Roll Back Treated Porch Swing
Our most popular Porch Swing for many reasons! Amish-made quality with unrivaled comfort due to the horizontal slat design and rolled seating. With the simple, yet traditional, design it’ll be easy to coordinate any design scheme with this swing! The perfect seating piece for relaxing evenings while the weather is great.



When updating one of my spaces, I find the most enjoyment in picking out pops of color to really bring the space to life. Paint that large retaining wall in your space to level up the brightness or warmth. Or, bring in that accent rug that you loved on Wayfair to tie in the color pallet and really bring to life the theme. Even something as simple as, adding a couple of toss pillows will enhance the overall feel of your space. With options ranging from bright, colorful patterns to solid, neutral tones and it doesn’t hurt that it also adds a layer of comfort for your lounging sessions! 

Cushion Perfect Cushion Options
Our Cushion Perfect products feature the premier outdoor fabric, Sunbrella. Offering peace of mind that your cushions won’t decay after some exposure to the elements, as well as a large selection of top-quality color and pattern options to choose from. The possibilities for playing with a variety of contrasting or matching color schemes for your ideal space are endless.

Blazing Needles Cushion Options
Blazing Needles is a well-known and liked outdoor cushion manufacturer. The spun-polyester cushions come in a range of sizes, styles, and types. We are also happy to introduce 10 new fabric options! This is a great budget-friendly option for customers who don’t want too much elemental exposure to their space and want to add some creative pops of color and patterns throughout. 

Sundown Agora Cushion Options
The Sundown Agora fabric option offered through our Keystone Amish and A&L Furniture lines is also rated for outdoor use. Another budget-friendly option for anyone who doesn’t have a need for a more premier or durable fabric, but still wants a great outdoor cushion that can take some exposure to inclement weather without terrible wear.



You can never have too many plants, I always say! Not only does plant life add a layer of nature and serenity to your space, but it also has great health benefits. Some plants can even filter out dangerous toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and mold particles. There are a lot of great plants that can either benefit your aesthetic or your own health. I’ve included some of my favorite Amazon finds below:

United Nursery Majesty Palm Live Plant, Outdoor and Indoor Live Palm Tree, Low Maintenance Easy Care Outdoor Indoor Tropical Palm Tree 3 Feet Tall Shipping Size

Costa Farms Live Indoor Ficus Lyrata, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - Floor Plant - Fresh from Our Farm, 2 to 3 Feet Tall, in White-Natural Décor Planter

Nature’s Way Farms®, Alocasia Dawn, Variegated, Live Plant, Rare Plant Collection (25-30 inches Tall in Grower Pot)


Lighting enhances the feel of any space and can be used as a tool to create your ideal ambiance. String lights or tea lights may be great if you’re looking to bring a sense of intimacy or privacy to your backyard space. Lantern-style lighting on your front patio can boost curb appeal and also help to heighten your home security. Some of my favorite outdoor lighting products on Amazon are below: