Selecting and Installing Your First Porch Swing

Great Job! The hard part is complete: you have gone through numerous hours debating on what finish looks best on your patio and you have waited days for it to arriveRelax, the next steps are easy, and I will provide some quick assembly tips to make this process easy. Before assembling the Centerville Amish, Heavy Duty Porch Swing you will first want to make sure you consider all the following tips before hanging a porch swing.  

Structural Support 

As suggested by professionals joists can only hold the weight of people sitting on any swing. You can find more information on how to properly support a porch swing here. If you need hanging hardware, we have you covered there too! Our Barn-Shed-Play line of hardware is dependable and has numerous styles and options for you to choose from! 


Swing Space  

The standard space needed behind a porch swing is approximately 48 inches in order to allow for easy swinging without damage. Professionals also recommend at least 6 inches on either side of the swing for optimal mobility. Applying the correct distance between other objects and your swing prevents damage from occurring to your property when swinging. 


No Porch, No Problem 

We have several varieties of swing stands available to make it easy to enjoy the beauty of a porch swing in your backyard, on your patio or deck, or anywhere else you can imagine! Listed below are examples of frames, swing stands, arbor swing stands, and more all available right here at The Porch Swing Company!  




Porch Swing Checklist  

Here’s a checklist to make your porch swing selection process easier.  

  • Pick a Location  
  • Measure Your Space to Find Your Ideal Size  
  • Assess Your Structural Support 
  • Find Your Perfect Swing from Our Award-Winning Selection 
  • Add Hanging Hardware 
  • Wait for Your Swing to Arrive (This is the hardest part!) 
  • Install Hanging Hardware 
  • Assemble Your Swing (Check Out Some Customer Assembly Videos Below!) 
  • Hang Your Swing 
  • Relax! 

    How- To Assemble Video

    Centerville Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb Roll Back Porch Glider- Assemble Video

    Centerville Amish Heavy Duty 700 Lb Roll Back Treated Porch Swing