Protect Your Furniture During Storm Season!

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Protecting Outdoor Furniture During Storm Season

When the storms blow your way, you don’t want the patio furniture to go with it! We’ve all seen or been that neighbor that has their umbrella blown 3 yards down after a big storm. You may be asking yourself, “How am I going to be proactive this season?” Don’t worry we have you covered! 

When the winds get high and the rain pours down, you want to be sure your furniture can withstand the elements. Here are five tips to help protect your investment:



Tip #1: Cushion Protectors 

Depending on your location, you may find yourself experiencing high winds blowing water, dirt, and debris all over your outdoor space and the beautiful cushions within it. If you can’t find space or time to store these items before a big storm, then protecting them is the next best solution. Opting for cushions with premium outdoor durability, such as Sunbrella, will ensure your cushions look beautiful even through some nasty weather.

Unlike most fabrics, our Cushion Perfect collection is made out of Sunbrella Fabric which is designed to last for many years to come. Sunbrella is resistant to mold, mildew, water, and weather-resistant Sunbrella Fabric Cushions can also be cleaned with just mild soap and water. 

Tip #2: Outdoor Furniture Covers

No matter the season, over time rain or snow can have a negative effect on any of your heavy-duty furniture. Whatever type of outdoor furniture you own, it can be essential to know how to care for your furniture in all conditions. 

Putting heavy-duty outdoor covers on all furniture will help keep moisture and debris off your cushions and any hard surfaces. Taking this small step will add life to your investment while keeping your furniture looking new and clean. 

Our Easy Covers are customized to fit signature brands on our site. They are made of polyester that will help protect against mold and mildew. Easy Covers are made to last under all outdoor elements such as rain, snow, and sun. 

Tip #3: Secure Your Furniture

Chasing your outdoor furniture around the yard or down the street can be chaotic! When high winds are being forecasted, take these proactive steps to secure your furniture in one place. 

According to experts, grouping your furniture together during high winds may prevent your furniture from blowing away. Stacking your chairs and tables into a corner or along a fence line will add to the overall weight causing it to be harder to blow the items away. 

Grouping furniture using things such as sandbags, buckles, and bungee cords will help with security. In some cases, you may consider tying down your furniture for optimum safety.

Tip #4: Secure Your Porch Swing

Although some may opt to pull their porch swings and swing beds down for the tropical season, some rather not go through the hassle. To avoid this, tying down or staking down your porch swing may be an alternative solution. Adding an extra layer of protection such as sandbags and swing bumpers may be a great solution for windstorms.

Tip #5: Apply A Top-Coat

Wooden furniture is always susceptible to wear and tear from the elements, even in environments that don’t experience extreme weather conditions. You are able to seal the wood and/or finish of your item to prolong the life of your natural furniture by applying a top-coat, such as a polyurethane or varnish treatment. This additional layer of protection will prevent moisture from getting into the wood - keeping your product looking new for longer! You can check with your local paint shop on which top-coat product would be best-suited for your specific outdoor environment.



No matter the season, it is essential to protect your outdoor furniture. Replacing your quality furniture can be expensive, so taking just a few extra steps to provide additional security can save you thousands of dollars.

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