If you want your rocking chair to stand out, think of a cypress rocking chair. Cypress is wonderfully durable, pale yellow wood with straight grain, perfect for an outdoor cypress rocking chair, or just about anything else. This traditional American building material makes wonderful outdoor furniture because it does not require almost any maintenance. You will seldom find a cypress rocking chair painted, its pale grain is too beautiful to cover. A coat of wood sealant is all the care your cypress rocker needs once a year. Cypress rocking chairs are a part of American tradition, especially in the South, and are still made in the same style as centuries ago: simple, uncomplicated, with thin laths that bend to adjust to our body and envelop us in comfort. Because of the light color of cypress, cypress rocking chairs look fairly modern and fit easily in any outdoor space, on their own, or mixed with other furniture.













Looking for a durable wood besides red cedar than look no further than the beauty of these cypress porch rockers.