Being known for their unique style, Intentional Caravan is always looking for new ways to personalize their furniture pieces. The Riviera Collection is a perfect example of what sets International Caravan apart. They put a touch of art into all the furniture they create. Similar to the Diamonds Collection, the Riviera Collection has a lovely diamond design on each seat back. In addition to the diamond design, Riviera pieces have detailing on the top of the seat back and under the seat. This added detailing really gives this collection an elegant, classy look. With wide, deep seats and thick arm rests on each chair, the rockers and dining chairs in this collection are at the upmost in comfort. The cushions International Caravan makes for these chairs of course fit each seat perfectly, are available in 30 colors and patterns and are as plush as ever. Available in green, black and two handsome shades of brown, this resin wicker set is sure to meet your patio needs! Click below to begin one of the easiest shopping experiences you have ever had.

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