If you are looking for a patio set to catch up with a friend, play cards, read the paper, or eat a meal, the San Tropez Collection is probably perfect for you. This line of outdoor furniture by International Caravan is among the most comfortable patio sets available today featuring wide, deep seats, thick, curved arm rests, and high backs. These chairs are highly ergonomic, so you won’t necessarily need them, but the seat cushions International Caravan makes specifically for these chairs are so thick and plush they bring this collection to an even higher level of comfort. Plus, these cushions are available in 30 fabric design options, making it easy to accessorize your patio set and personalize it to best fit your home and décor. Similar to the International Caravan Riviera and Diamonds collections, the San Tropez is also made out of the extremely durable resin that is woven into the classic, beloved wicker. The multi-directionally woven resin that forms a triangle is a unique twist belonging only to the San Tropez Collection. Available in white, black, green, and two lovely shades of brown this collection is sure to have what you’re looking for! Check it out today!

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