Just Added TMP Garden Arbors!

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What make a Gorgeous Garden?

You could work your entire life collecting decorations, restoring antiques, and building sculptures…filling your yard with gorgeous things…but I bet that yard full of lovely treasures wouldn't be prettier than a garden full of flowers. Not only is a vibrant garden stunning, it is natural, good for the environment, and practically free. Once those plants are established in their

new home, you just sit back and watch them happily grow and bloom. What is more eye-catchingly beautiful than a painted arbor? An arbor that is painted by colorful vines and blooms climbing up and twisting around each piece of hand-sanded wood.

Why an Arbor?

There is a reason arbors have been around for hundreds of years, and why they are the subject of many famous paintings…because they add structure and elegance to any yard, give the eyes a focal point, provide an enchanted entry way to a garden…arbors can transform a simple, small, empty-looking yard into a one-of-a-kind artistic yard that looks more like a landscaping masterpiece. Many of the classy furniture pieces of the past are coming back with great popularity today. As a society, we have fads that come and go, but we always hold on to the more mature, timeless pieces like the garden arbor.

The Newest Addition!!

Due to their growing popularity in the last year, we have added a new line of arbors to ThePorchSwingCompany.com. We now offer over 15 different stunning styles of arbors hand-crafted by some of the best craftsman in this great nation, TMP Outdoor Woodworkers.

What Sets them Apart?

The builders at TMP Outdoor Furniture Company have personally designed arbors out of solid Red Cedar. Their collection is far from basic; they make the traditional arbor in many different styles and sizes, along with arbors with 1 or 2 benches, and arbors with many different styles of gates. They even make arbors with extensions so that your climbing plants can create a garden fence or division in your yard. Every one of the TMP Garden Arbors are available either natural or with a waterproof stain.

Browse through our recently expanded collection of Garden Arbors today!

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