Out Of Stock Products

Posted on by PSC Staff

Tis the season for out of stock products and products on backorder. As hard as we try to plan for the season each year, it never fails we underestimate on how well some products are going to sell. Come late June, we nornally have several products on backorder as we await our next shipment from our valued manufacturers. We no longer take pre-orders as quite simply we want happy customers and have found in the past that customers get very frustrated when backordered products delivery dates are delayed. Estimated delivery dates are composed from numerous factors including manufacturing capacity, transit time “On the Water” which means it has left the port overseas and is in transits to the US, customs inspection at the port of arrival, and then final transport to retailers like us. As with any logistical process, there are events that can impact the overall delivery timeframe. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to rush this process. And trust us, we are as eager to receive the product as you are to complete your order. They truly are best estimates and most of the times are accurate within a week of the actual delivery.

On the product page above the word Backordered in red, you will see a link titled “Notify me about updates”. If you click the link and provide your email address we will email you as soon as it is back in stock and available for ordering.

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