All gliders are super comfortable, but the type of glider you choose can make the difference on how the glider fits in your outdoor space, how much you will pay for it and how you will care for it. Adirondack gliders are the old favorites, traditional and American as apple pie. Amish gliders are so superbly crafted that they often become a family heirloom. Budget gliders allow you to play with colors and stains and personalize them to your taste. Classic gliders have simple lines that fit in any garden or patio, modern or traditional. Painted gliders are protected from the weather by a coat of paint and add a touch of color to your porch. Stained gliders combine the beauty of wood grain enhanced by a touch of color. Gliders chairs are perfect for small spaces and for solitary moment of relaxation. Whatever type of outdoor glider you choose, it will provide you with endless moments of pleasure and rest, whether you are resting after hard day at work or are enjoying your well-deserved retirement.