Every porch needs porch rockers. Whether you keep them on a front porch, to sit and watch the world, or on your back porch or patio, to have a nap in after a hard day of work, porch rockers are everyone’s favorites. There are some theories that the rocking motion brings back memories of early childhood when our mothers used to nurse us while slowly rocking back and forth. Other theories say that we achieve almost weightless feeling when our body is in perfect balance while rocking. It does not really matter, we know that there is no better way to truly relax than spending a bit of time in our favorite porch rocker, to nap, read, have a cold drink or read a story to our grandbaby. Many people like porch rockers to be made in a traditional way – from wood. It can be affordable pine, exotic teak, durable cypress wood or weather resistant cedar. Natural, stained or painted, wooden porch rockers have an air of tradition and timelessness. But, if you like something a bit different, there are rockers made of wrought iron, rattan, aluminum or polywood. Polywood, a synthetic wood made from recycled plastic, combines the best features we expect from our porch rockers: it is attractive, maintenance-free and almost indestructible. Whatever material, size, shape or color you like, porch rockers will give you hours of easy pleasure and relaxation.