There is a place for rocking chairs in every room of the house: living room by the fireplace, nursery, kids’ room, or sun room. But, it is the outdoor porch rocking chairs that really fulfill our need: to have a special spot to relax, distress and sooth our tired bones. Outdoor rocking chairs are usually placed on front or back porches, but they fit nicely on patios, gazebos, terraces or even in that special corner of our garden. Unless the porch or patio is covered, outdoor rocking chairs need to be made of durable, weather-resistant material. Wood is the most popular and the most traditional material for outdoor rocking chairs. Treated pine is durable and affordable, but it has to be protected with a yearly coating of weather-proofing stain or paint. Hardwoods like cedar or cypress are more expensive, but require much less maintenance and the outdoor rocking chairs made of hardwoods actually look more elegant as they weather and attain silvery gray sheen. Wicker outdoor rocking chairs have always been popular, but natural wicker is not very durable. Fortunately, modern wicker chairs are made of synthetic resin, which resembles natural wicker but is bug and water-proof. Outdoor rocking chairs made of polywood, a synthetic lumber made of recycled plastic, is rapidly gaining popularity because it is extremely hardy, weather and bug resistant and requires almost no maintenance. Polywood outdoor rockers come in natural colors, resembling real wood, or in a range or modern, vivid or pastel, colors. There is something for everyone.