Whoever came up with the idea of outdoor daybeds is a genius. It is such a wonderful combination of a swing and a daybed, where you can stretch on a pile of pillows or even a mattress and swing gently under the canopy of your favorite tree, or watch the stars at night. But, where do you put it and how you hang it? If you are lucky to have really large and strong porch, you are all set, but if not, you need strong, well-designed Pergola Stand for your daybed swing. They are designed to accommodate daybed swings in several sizes, from crib to queen. You can choose timeless red cedar or beautiful kiln-dried, milled cypress. Both are very durable and resistant to insects and weather. Both can be stained to keep the natural beauty of the wood, or painted in any color you choose. There is even a model with a built-in deck. Once you install your pergola stand, play with it, hang some curtains, throw a bunch of colorful pillows and make yourself the most romantic corner of your garden. Even if you cannot get hold of it during the day because kids are all over it, it is all yours once they go to sleep.

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Easily shop for a matching pergola stand for your new daybed outdoor swing. We offer pergolas that are both decked and open.