Teak glider, like any other outdoor furniture made of teak, speaks of luxury and wealth. Placing your teak glider on the front porch is a sure way to impress your neighbors. There is a very good reason why is teak so coveted: it is exotic, very beautiful, extremely durable and completely weather resistant. Teak gliders are almost never painted or stained. The wood grain is so beautiful that it would be pity to cover it. To protect your investment, and that is what your teak glider is, give it a coat of teak oil stain once a year to replenish the lost natural wood oil and give it a bit of shine. Teak gliders are often designed in very simple lines and look timeless, fitting in any interior or exterior design scheme. Teak gliders are available as single or double seaters, and you might want to add to their already significant comfort by placing a few colorful plush cushions and pillows.