One of the most beautiful additions you could ever make to your porch, patio or garden might be something you never even considered. And, not only will this addition add style to your home, but it will add comfort. With this special addition that has been popular for many decades, you will find yourself enjoying the outdoors to relax or spend time with your loved ones much more than you did before. Our company name is a good clue…so I am sure you have guessed what addition I am talking about…

Yep, a Swing! Whether you want a swing bed, swing with cup holders, swing chair, swing for a porch, swing with a stand, or even just a tree swing for your children or grandchildren…
You have hundreds of brand, style, material and finish options.
That’s why we made this Buying Guide for our customers. We want to make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.
One of the many types of swings we offer are Painted Porch Swings.
Below are some things we think you should know about the Painted Swings we sell at



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