2 Pt Vs. 4 Pt Hanging

In regards to the 2-pt vs 4-pt hanging style, this would come down to a personal preference. For either style, we recommend leaving 24 inches both in front of and behind the swing, as well as 6-8 inches per side, in order to avoid any contact with surrounding structure. The main difference between the two hanging styles is the range of motion you can expect from one style to the other. For the 2-pt hanging style, you will have a more free range of motion (like a traditional porch swing) than you would get with the 4-pt style, which offers a bit more control. In order to help visualize the following explanation, I have included a couple of photos of swing beds hung in both the 2-pt hanging style and the 4-pt hanging style.

For a 2-pt hanging style, you will see the ropes look like an inverted “V”. The rope connects by two points (hangers) in the ceiling – one on each side. This style of hanging will allow a wider range of swinging motion.

For a 4-pt hanging style, you will see that all of the ropes are vertical. The rope connects by four points in the ceiling – two on each side. This style of hanging will swing a little less than a swing bed hung by 2-points.