Amish Swings

What Sets Amish Porch Swings Apart?:

  1. You agree that a porch swing is going to add immensely to your home and spending time with your family outside…But, which porch swing is right for you? At, we sell over 8 different styles of swings, in over 6 colors and brands…it is a bit overwhelming if you do not yet know exactly what you want. That’s why we created our Buying Guides.

  2. Amish furniture first became popular back in the early 1920s. It was part of the American Folk Art movement when buyers and sellers of fine furniture and art began to focus more on the history and unique quality of the pieces of interest.

    In addition to the history behind these artistic Amish pieces, one must consider the planning, care and hand-created design that goes into each piece. Because of the Amish beliefs, most communities do not allow any electricity. Woodworkers, especially those like the ones we feature at, have so many orders that sometimes they are given permission to use hydraulic power as an exception for their craft. Amish children usually do not further their education past middle school so that they can work for their family business, which most often is woodworking. The Amish have an incredible skill set and eye for beauty. The amount of time, energy, work and love they put into each piece is unbelievable. It is almost unfathomable that the people who have less, work harder than most Americans who have a more comfortable life. You don’t have to be Amish, work as hard as they do, or even fully understand their beliefs to love their work.

  3. The reason the Amish outdoor furniture is still as popular today as it was almost 100 years ago is because each day the Amish teach their children their craft and what sets them apart. Their style, skill and work ethic are passed down to each generation after them.

    You might think the quality of the Amish furniture making would decline as years pass and times change, but we have found with our Amish Woodworkers at the opposite to be true. Some Amish communities have allowed pneumonic power and diesel compressors to allow the Amish to keep up with the demand for their products. Some Amish builders are even using polywood, which is a synthetic wood made of recycled plastic in order to better protect the environment.

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