Consider A Swing Bed Vs. A Porch Swing

So the only thing better than a hanging porch swing is a full size swing bed. Yes, you have to have the size to accommodate such a large size swing but it is definitely worth it. Also nicknamed the family swing, their popularity has exploded recently. Some designers contribute this to the current economic climate where consumers are making their very own homes little oasis getaways. What is more calming than the gentle swinging motion? Not much. On top of that add the luxuries of your sofa or bed with a full, queen, or king size mattress and you are already snoring. A simple recommendation is mattress are great for comfort but not necessarily designed for outdoor exposure. You are definitely going to want to purchase a mattress cover to ensure an added layer of protection. With a proper cover your new outdoor upholstery should last a long time and provide years of family enjoyment. Below is a list of our current proud suppliers. The only thing to keep in mind when ordering a swing bed is that most are made to order. In simple terms this means the lead time is often 8-12 weeks, but trust us it is definitely worth the wait.


Pawleys Island 

Inspired by an interior designer, all of these beds will bring all your design elements together.

A&L Furniture Swing Beds 
Quality craftsmanship of Amish heritage. And we have yet to find someone who doesn't love their signature Marlboro design. 


Pawleys Island   
Based out of Denton, Texas these swing beds are big and extra sturdy. Customers love the clean painted finish options.


LA Swing Beds 
They invented the rollback porch swing and have incorporated it into a porch swing bed that will accomodate a twin mattress!


We are in the process of adding two new suppliers so will update this page shortly with all their details. Did we mention we love customer photos? If you can't find the popular daybed swing you are looking for give us a call and we would be more than happy to try to hunt it down for you.