Buy Porch Swings

These days with the economy not at its best and prices on the rise, we are all always searching for the best deals. If you hear the words “porch swing,” and immediately push that aside in your mind as an expensive luxury…you might just be wrong, and you are certainly missing out!

Things to consider when shopping for a swing

  1. Hidden Fees For Shipping In our research to be the best porch swing provider in the nation, at we have found that many companies crush you with hidden fees. You will search high and low for the outdoor furniture of your dreams, and then you find out when it’s too late that it will cost hundreds of dollars more to ship it to you. Because porch swings are such a heavy product, you need to pay close attention to shipping and handling charges. When you shop at, you can have 100% confidence in the price you see. We offer FREE shipping to the 48 continental states and zero tax on all orders! (excluding FL at 7% sales tax).

  2. Shipping Damage Another trap many customers fall into is having to deal with damage issues from vendors that don't take securely packaging your swing seriously. When you buy a porch swing from us rest assured we only sell porch swings from the most reliable, trustworthy vendors who inspect each package to ensure all the pieces are included and damage free. And in the unfortunate situation where it is damaged by UPS or FedEx we will work quickly to ensure it is fixed ASAP.

  3. Poor Quality When shopping on a budget it is easy to make the mistake of sacrificing quality. Before purchasing an affordably priced porch swing, be sure you are shopping with a reputable company. Being so deep in the furniture world, those of us at, know that unfortunately many companies use lower quality products in order to keep their prices down. The cheaply made porch swings will do a good job fooling you…they will still look nice, but they just won’t last. When you shop with us, you can have 100% confidence that we produce only the best porch swings in the nation. Even our budget porch Swings, although much more affordable, are still made of 5 durable materials that will last you many years.