Classic Porch Swings

What do you think of when you hear the word “classic”?Your favorite Frank Sinatra song? Your dad’s sweet ’58 Corvette? Gone With the Wind? Moby Dick? Well, here at we have a love for the classics-especially our Classic Porch Swings. When shopping for the perfect porch swing for you, your family, your home and your lifestyle…use our buying guide to help you make this very important decision. We want the porch swing you choose to be something that is used each day, brings family and friends closer together, and is passed down over the years.

What to Keep in Mind about Classic Swings

  1. It’s Still Popular A classic is a classic because it has passed the test of time with flying colors. The reason why it is still popular is because everyone can love and appreciate a good classic. That’s true of a great book, movie, song and car…well, the same goes for a classic porch swing. Just remember, if it looks like a porch swing you could have seen back 80 years ago when porch swings were just invented…you will never get sick of it. It will always be the beloved, classic porch swing recognized and enjoyed by all.

  2. It’s Not a Fad Some things are so cool when they are in style…go-go boots, scrunchies, leg warmers, bouffant hair, bell bottoms, poodle skirts…they all seemed so great when they were IN style, but they can soon fall out of style. You never know when an old favorite can come back, and fads often do come back…the problem is you never know when you might get sick of it. If you update your home to match the times you don’t want to have to update your Porch Swing. That’s a great thing about a classic porch swing…You never have to worry about your classic porch swing not being in style.

  3. It’s Simple to Coordinate At, the thing our customers love most about the classic porch, patio and garden swing is how easy it is to coordinate with. It is pretty difficult to clash with a classic swing. You can easily match your patio, garden, lawn furniture and décor with your classic porch swing.

    We sell painted classic swings, but a lot of them are a beautiful treated wood finish. This means years from now, if you feel like adding some color or changing up your décor, you can give it a quick coat of paint. Then it will look and feel as though you have a brand new swing! And what’s even easier than a coat of paint? Adding a seat or back cushion to your swing to add color, style and comfort or just adding some outdoor throw pillows. The classic porch swing makes it easy to add pillows and cushions that look great. Rather than getting a swing that could go out of style or you could get sick of, get some cushions or pillows that match your current taste-they are a lot easier to change out and update. Plus they will make your porch swing EVEN more comfortable!