Porch Swings With The Convenient Cupholder Option

So one of the most common accessory we get asked about are the armrests with cupholders. And it makes perfect sense because what is more relaxing then swinging in your new swing with a little adult beverage next to your or a homemade glass of pink lemonade? So there are two styles of cupholder options. The most common is the cupholder in the front of the armrest. Another option is the flip down console table in the middle of the patio swing and what a great idea! The versatility of a table in the middle of the swing for holding drinks, phones, and more when needed and when not needed it flips up and out of the way. If you are looking for the console style it will only be available in a 5 foot swing or 6 foot length option as the seat needs enough area to accommodate the console and two adults. But when you don't need the flip down you now have a swing that will accommodate three adults. Who's complaining now.

The Cupholder Console by Beecham is made from solid oak and the console flips up or down. A true three seat swing when not in use.


The Aosom Table Console was introduced in 2013 and has immediately became a best seller.


The Original Cupholder swing from Aosom. Noticed the nice rolled seat and back for comfort. Stand is not included.


If you want durable then the LA Swings console is a winner. Cypress will not rot!


Finally an Amish swing with cupholders. They place them on the side so your drink sits conveniently. 

Best of both worlds in a cypress swing. The comfort of the rolled design with the cup holders up front!