Cypress Swings

Here at, words like highback, rollback, contoured seat, and Adirondack make perfect sense to us, but we realize these words might mean nothing to you. Read our Buying Guide below to learn about a customer favorite-the rollback porch swing made from solid cypress wood.

What Does Rollback Really Mean?

  1. Rollback does not mean that the seat has wheels on the back. Nor does it mean that it rolls rather than swings. Nope, the swing itself is pretty typical in function. Rollback refers to the shape of the swing. The back and usually seat are shaped in a curve rather than a straight edge. The ends gently roll back.

  2. What Make Rollback Swings Different?Although you can see the difference in the way the rollback swing is made, the difference is more felt than seen. The Rollback porch swing was made with your body in mind. It rolls with the natural curves of our bodies to offer your legs, back and neck the most support and comfort as possible. In addition to the rolling edges of this style of swing, the slats are thin, smooth and set at a distance from each other designed to provide the perfect balance of support and give for your body.

  3. Will Cushions work on a Rollback Swing? At, we are very honest with our customers. We care much more about you getting exactly what you want and need at the best price possible than we do about making an extra buck. That’s why we always tell our customers that you probably will not need a seat or back cushion if you purchase the rollback style swing. The rolling seat and back edging make them incredibly comfortable. We have found that our customers usually don’t feel they need cushions. But, if you are still interested, the seat or back cushion made for the size rollback swing you choose will definitely fit great. And, pillows are always a nice addition. The rollback swing is so comfortable that you might just want to take a nap on it. A nice, outdoor pillow would be perfect for napping on your swing.

    Most of our rollback swings come with the hanging chains and hooks you will need to hang your swing. It is easy to see what is included with your order when shopping on our site, just look below the picture of the swing to see if the chains and hooks are available. We do however suggest that you look into getting our Comfort Springs and Hooks. A hanging chain or rope set will work, but the comfort springs and swivel hangers make a huge difference in comfort. With these affordable hanging accessories, your swing will sway back and forth with ease. The springs allow the swing to have a perfect amount of up and down give even when holding hundreds of pounds of weight. And, the hangers swivel back and forth so that all the pressure and motion isn’t solely on the chain or rope connection. By purchasing a swing for your porch, patio or garden, you are making an investment that you and your loved ones will enjoy for many years to come. Don’t jip yourself on an inexpensive little addition like hanging accessories that will make a big difference in comfort.

    So by now you are probably set on a rollback swing for your porch. Pair it with the best wood choice for durability and get yourself a cypress rollback swing.