Porch Swing Hanging Hardware Guide

Comfort Springs

Comfort springs attach to the hooks in your ceiling/swing stand and to the top link of the hanging chains to provide a more comfortable, softer feel to your swing. Additionally, they smooth out the swinging motion for hours of enjoyable swinging.

- Set of two comfort springs.
- Commercial grade strength and chrome construction.
- Each spring is approx. 2 inches in diamater and 8.5 inches in length.
- Zinc plated and clear coated.
- Each spring has a weight capacity of 600 pounds 

Hanging Hooks

The ultimate in hanging security, these swivel hangers move in the same direction as your swing providing unparalled comfort. 


- Set of two swivel hangers.
- Durable metal construction.
- Rust-resistant ABS plastic covering.
- High-impact, indoor/outdoor ABS plastic.
- Each hanger has a certified weight rating of 1500 lbs.
- Flange footprint is 2 inch by 5 inch.
- 4 inch height when fully extended.
-1 inch hole.

Comfort Springs & Hanging Hooks

The perfect pair of our best selling comfort springs and swivel hangers.