Pergola swings – a touch of class

You can hang a swing on any porch, and you will get a comfortable, much loved piece of furniture. But, hang your porch swing on a pergola, and you get a pergola swing, a very special element in your garden that opens the door to your imagination, raises the level of your garden to a completely new level, and makes your neighbors green with envy. 


1. The secret of a good pergola


Even a word ‘pergola’ (also called ‘arbor’) sounds romantic, so there is no wonder that a pergola swing can become a most romantic spot in your garden. Pergola is a simple, strong, free-standing structure that you can place anywhere in the garden, even in the middle of the lawn where there is nothing else of interest. Pergola allows you to add interest to an otherwise uninteresting yard. Once you find a good, level spot for your pergola, plant around it your favorite climbing vines. In a year or two, they will cover a pergola with a riot of flowers and will provide a pleasant shade where there was none before. Really good pergola that will last you a lifetime should be made of a durable, weather-resistant lumber, such as red cedar. 


2. Hang your pergola swing


There are so many wonderful kinds of pergola swings to choose from – from simple, traditional porch swing styling, to more sleek design with a cut out top rail and more elaborate luxurious Marlboro styling. Invest in a good quality wood – it will last longer and it will look more beautiful as it ages gracefully. Red cedar, teak, cypress and other hardwoods are among the most popular. Pergola swings come in several sizes – from 4 to 6 feet, and the larger the swing, the stronger the pergola stand has to be. If you are buying a full pergola swing set, you will get appropriate hardware, including chains and hooks, but if you already have a pergola and just want to add a pergola swing, make sure that your pergola can support the size of your swing.


Solid cedar swing and pergola arbor frame by All Things Cedar seats two adults.

3. A touch of luxury


Swing beds are the new, modern sisters of our good old porch swings. They are just oversized swings which can fit a comfortable mattress, but you can do so much more to turn it into a pergola swing fit for a queen (or king.) First, add some light curtains on each corner. Curtains not only add privacy, but an air of romance and luxury. Then, make sure that your mattress cover is made of a lush, colorful cover, in your favorite color. Don’t forget a pile of colorful cushions. A few small Chinese lanterns hanging from the pergola will add the air of romance. Now, all you need is to wait for a few years for your flowering vines to fill up and cover your pergola with a profusion of blooms, and you will have a dreamy pergola swing that will provide you with years of relaxation, a spot for making out or for reading stories to your grandchildren. Watch for rains, though, and make sure that all your cushions, curtains and mattress covers are water-resistant.