Ropes Add A Hanging Elegance To Porch Swings

Swing on the chain is a common site on our porches. Chains are strong, easy to install and they do the job. But, let’s face it, they are not exactly pretty. If you incorporated your swing into your elegant, comfortable outdoor room, you might want to hang your swing with ropes instead. Ropes can be as strong as chains, they come in different colors and they look much more natural than chains. They also offer a pleasant feel of softness when you hold them while swinging away your worries and stress. After all, that is what swings are for: for relaxing in total comfort. Swings now come in many different sizes and some are so large that you can easily use them as an outdoor sofa, with the added bonus that your outdoor sofa moves. Some of the porch swings are wide enough to fit a mattress, so your swing can also be the place to sleep in during the long summer nights, watching the stars and listening the crickets. When buying your swing, specify that you prefer to have your swing with ropes instead of chains, and you will get the right kind and strength of ropes for the size of the swing.

The best of both worlds! Solid teak wooden swing with beautiful hanging ropes.


Ropes check. Solid wooden swing check. The Levindale swing is offered in 4 foot and 5 foot length option.


Mission styling of the Oliver swing makes it a best seller.


Now that looks like one comfortable swing with the contoured rolled bottom seat. All supported by rope to hang.