Swings Featuring Heavy Duty Construction

So we get the call at least 5 times a day. We are looking for your best made swing that can hold a bunch of weight. So we thought we would put together this little guide to highlight our Top 3 Heavy Duty Swings.  And before you ask the next question - they are all proudly Made in America. We will highlight each swing below and touch on it's features.


1) Metal Works Traditional 5ft. Metal Porch Swing
We will start with a metal swing and then go to our wooden ones. This Metal Works swing features a 800 lb weight capacity and is constructed from solid steel. The hardware is stainless steel so rust won't be an issue. Looking for something with a little more character? Check out their similair themed swings like the Oak Tree, Lab, and Turkey. 


Resin Swing Shown In White
2) Starly's Heavy Duty 5ft. 800 lbs Rollback Porch Swing
To many a porch swing has to be wooden just out of respect for tradition. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice weight capacity. This American made swing is made from solid cypress and features screw construction throughout. it is also not just heavy duty, but the rolled seat makes it one of the most comfortable swings we sell.


Resin Swing Shown In White


2) Centerville Amish Heavy Duty 700 lb Roll Back Treated Porch Swing
Looking for handmade quality then you should definately consider an Amish swing. This swing features heavy duty chains that match the quality construction giving this swing a 700 lb weight capacity. This is a customer favorite as you can add the cupholder options and choose from 5 stain finish options.


Resin Swing Shown In White