International Caravan Swings: Materials

Helping you learn more about your porch swing options Here at, we have a team of porch swing experts that are here to help you pick the swing of your dreams. We know this process is overwhelming with so many material, color, style and size options. So, use our Buying Guides such as this one to help you find the porch, patio or garden swing of your dreams.
In this Guide, we are going to take some time to explain the different materials of swings that International Caravan has to offer. The three highest quality, durable materials International Caravan makes their swings out of are resin wicker, wrought iron and wood. Below we explain the difference of each of those material options.

What Materials Do You Have to Choose From?

  1. Resin Wicker You may have only heard of wicker before, and I am sure you know it very well. Wicker itself isn’t technically a material it is actually just a method of weaving a material. Originally wicker products were made out of natural fibers and vines, but talented furniture designers soon realized they could make something that was much stronger and more weather-resistant. Eventually resin was developed. Resin wicker is known as the “all weather wicker.” It is made out of the most cutting edge, durable materials and woven to give it that elegant, modern, outdoor look we all know and love.

  2. Wrought IronIf you are looking for a swing that will stand the test of time, wrought iron may be your material of choice. Wrought iron is tough! It is going to stay put, withstand years of wear without any tear, while all the while giving an elegant appeal. Not only is wrought iron durable, but all of the swings International Caravan produces are surprisingly comfortable. We usually don’t think of a metal furniture piece as the most comfortable option, but here at, we test the furniture we sell, and we all were surprised at how comfortable the wrought iron pieces really were. In addition to comfort, International Caravan treats their wrought iron swings with a coating that will keep out rust and moisture and ensure your swing will be of heirloom quality for decades to come.

  3. HardwoodThe International Caravan swings we sell are also made out of a hardwood called Yellow Balau. If you do not know much about the different types of wood, you might not have ever heard of Yellow Balau. Luckily your friends at, know all about the various woods used to make outdoor swings and we have tested them ourselves. Yellow Balau is one of the most durable woods out there. Maybe you have heard of Teak?? Well Yellow Balau and Teak are very similar in that both have a high density, high oil content making them extremely durable to the elements. Usual Teak is the more expensive choice and Yellow Balau is as good just not as well known. International Caravan was very wise to use Yellow Balau because it is a gorgeous, exotic hardwood that can withstand all nature has to offer while still being an affordable choice.

    Now that you know more about International Caravan and the materials they make their swings out of, check out our full collection of modern, designer outdoor furniture made by this nationally known and loved company.