Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Swing

Choosing the perfect porch swing
Porch swings are an easily recognizable part of American tradition. Hanging on thick chains on front porches, with people watching their neighbors or kids playing, they have been around for centuries. Porch swings used to be simple, bench-like pieces of furniture, often painted white or left unpainted, offering home owners a quiet spot to unwind and rest.

What to look for
Our old porch swings evolved with our changed tastes and the availability of new materials and designs. It is now possible to find just the best porch swings for your porch, one that fits the design and color of your house. There is a large choice of designs, materials and colors, and choosing the right one takes a bit of research.

When choosing your perfect porch swing, you need to think about the size of your porch, the style of your house and its color, but mostly your lifestyle. The porch swing has to fulfill your needs. You should also think about the material. While hard wood is expensive, it lasts longer. Recycled plastic is also very durable and easy to maintain. Choose the largest porch swing your porch will allow. With some nice comfortable cushions, you can have a nap in it, or snuggle with your whole family. Small, individual porch swings are better if your porch is small, or you prefer to sit alone, without any little elbows sticking in your ribs.

Most people keep their porch swings on their porches. If you are hanging your swing on porch rafters, make sure they are strong to support it, or you will bring the entire house on your head. If you prefer to bring your swing out into the garden, you will need an A-frame support. Some supports even come with their own awning, perfect for gardens without much shade. The advantage of this type of swings is that you can move them around the garden, and even bring them to your porch when you need it there, or during the winter.

How to care for your porch swing
Covered porches will offer enough protection for your swing, but you still need to clean it occasionally with a wet cloth. Hard woods benefit from a coat of oil. Your chain needs to be oiled as well to last longer and not to squeak when you swing. If your swing is exposed to the elements, you are better off with hard woods that are resistant to weather, mold, sun and chipping. Recycled plastic is also a good choice, as it is not only hardy but very easy to maintain. Even if you leave it outdoors during the winter, the only care it will require is good hosing.

The design
Porch swing design depends on your taste, but many people find Adirondack shape to be by far more comfortable than all the others. There is something about the angle between the seat and the back that provides ultimate comfort. One of the most popular designs is the rollback which features a rolled seat and backrest rail to place the appropriate contour on the pressure points in your body. The result – the ultimate comfort in porch swinging!