Porch Swing Sizing - Large Or Small?

So one of the most common questions we get from our customers is what is the standard size for a porch swing? Well this seems like an easy question on the surface, but it really depends on your needs and space you have for your new swing. We always start with first asking if you are replacing an existing swing. If so, it is easiest to find a swing that is the same size as you can use the existing hooks in your front porch ceiling or swing stand. If not, it’s not a big deal we just need a little bit of more information to find the right swing for you. So we move onto is your space limited where you intend to place your new swing. This will tell us if you can explore all options of swing lengths. Yes, there are options as we carry 2 foot swing chairs all the way to group 7 foot swings. The most popular size is our 4ft. swing, but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily the best size option for you. A lot of times it comes down to how many people you anticipate using the swing. If your house is the gathering spot for long weekends and holidays we would recommend getting the largest size swing your space will allow as you don’t want anyone left on the sidelines. And often times the difference between a 4 foot swing and 5 foot swing is merely $20. That seems like a small additional investment to ensure everyone gets the joy of swinging.

So hopefully we have given some good tips on picking the right size swing for you. Now let’s explain how our dimensions work on ThePorchSwingCompany.com. First we categorize all of our swings to the nearest foot to allow our customers to easily browse and find the perfect swing from them. Believe it or not, not all swings are constructed exactly the same size or to an exact 36 in., 48 in, or 60 in. For example a 62 inch swing would be included in our 5 foot swings on our website. But don’t worry, we know our customers need the exact dimensions of their new swing to make sure it will fit on their patio or front porch. So if you load the product page, you will find two sets of dimensions – the outside dimensions (which are the swing at it’s widest, deepest, or highest point) and the seat dimensions which are the actual seating area of the swing. So you should be all set with picking the best porch swing, but if you need any help we are always a simple email or phone call away.

Popular Swing Lengths
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