Smooth Motion of Patio Gliders Soothes and Relaxes

We all love our gardens. We love to putter around with our favorite roses, to watch the birds in the trees or the kids frolicking on the lawn. Most of us just love to sit in our favorite corner, under the flowering magnolia or on the patio, under a colorful umbrella. What is the best chair for enjoying our gardens and patios is a very popular party topic, which often ends up in a heated debate. But, it seems that patio gliders are winning the debate recently, as this fun outdoor piece of furniture is gaining popularity.

What makes benches that glide different from the traditional rocking chairs is different type of motion. Gliders move smoothly, the motion is much lighter and more suitable to peaceful rest than even the best rocking chairs.

One great thing with patio gliders is that they come in many sizes. You can get a single one, if you value your privacy, or you can choose a double or even triple outdoor glider, to snuggle in with the whole family. If you opt for large patio gliders, make sure that they are certified for added weight.


Unlike porch swings, outdoor gliders are not attached to the patio structure, so they can be moved as we desire, whether to catch a bit of afternoon sun, or to stay in the shade. Because of their metal construction, patio gliders can be fairly heavy, so be careful when moving them and don’t hurt yourself.

Patio gliders are made of different materials, from wood to wicker, wrought iron and recycled plastic. The frame is made of rustproof metal, and its maintenance is very important to make sure that you glide your way to tranquility without the annoying squeaking sounds. Outdoor gliders are available in a range of models, and some of them even come with their own canopy or trellis. Such a glider can become a real focal point of your outdoor space, especially if you plant some flowering vines to the trellis that will cover it in cheerful blooms in a year or two.

Because of their metal frame, gliders require regular maintenance. Make sure that all metal moving parts are regularly oiled and that any rust spot is treated as soon as possible.

Depending on the material of the seat of your outdoor glider, you will be able to leave it outdoors, but it will last much longer if you cover it with a tarp or its own cover when the weather turns wet. Some outdoor gliders are even sold with their own cover.

While outdoor gliders are designed to be extremely comfortable, think of adding a seat cushion and a small pillow or two to support your seat or back. Pillows can also add a touch of color to your outdoor space.